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strategic campaigns inc kansas cityStrategic Campaigns Inc, headquartered in Kansas City, MO, represents some of the largest brands and companies in America. The staff of Strategic Campaigns Inc reviews existing sales channels of large corporations and hunts for innovative ideas for new business development.

Although national companies have many options when it comes to outsourcing processes through partnering with reliable organizations, they prefer to work with this marketing firm….but why?!

This post serves to inform you about the core functions of the company and act as a resource guide for potential employees and those on the job-hunt.

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Why do companies love to work with Strategic Campaigns Inc Kansas City?

Fortune 500 companies outsource their marketing and sales campaigns to this firm for 4 simple reasons.

  1. Caliber of personnel
  2. Quantity of new business
  3. Consistency in quality
  4. Lightning-fast response time

A Strategic Campaigns employee reviews the benefits for the client: “While companies have a ton of options, they choose to work with US. We do our job better than the other companies can because we have a tremendous opportunity in front of us. I’m just like any other employee here, I love the thought of advancement into a managing partnership position. I can’t wait to take the reins on our next client’s campaign!”

While most contracted or outsourced companies are looking to make money on short-term contracts, Strategic Campaigns Inc views each contract as a long-term partnership…not just a job. Employees of the company focus on not only quantity of sales, but also consistency in long-term brand loyalty of those very customers.

Every company out there has two goals.

  1. Find and acquire new customers.
  2. Retain those customers long-term.

This applies to ANY BUSINESS across the globe.

What is the “Opportunity” at Strategic Campaigns Inc in Kansas City?

As entry level account managers, employees learn valuable skills in professional sales, customer retention, market research, and territory management. Furthermore, each and every one of these employees are thoroughly trained in the psychology of consumer behavior.

A manager at Strategic Campaigns Inc reviews the importance of this training: “We truly believe that by training our people to be future forerunners of our company, we will continue to offer the highest quality service to our existing clients. Beyond that, these employees gain valuable skills required to manage large teams and new campaigns. We currently have many management spots available and clients waiting for representation. However, we don’t have the resources to take on these new campaigns, yet.”

After the entry level account manager position, an employee gets trained in small team management, recruiting, advanced sales techniques, customer retention applications, database management, CRM tools, and strategic management. Once that person has demonstrated credibility in these areas, management at Strategic Campaigns Inc Kansas City promotes them into an assistant management position…which can be best described as a junior managing partner.

As an assistant manager at Strategic Campaigns Inc Kansas City, they are trained on the back-end of operations. These operations include, but are not limited to: campaign management, conducting employee performance reviews, coaching subordinates, and further professional development in all areas assigned.

This training conducted from the ground-up yields high performing marketing professionals that can take on any campaign…as all of the internal processes and systems are “plug-and-play.” They are applicable to any company, with only minor tweaks and adjustments.

Why People Work for Strategic Campaigns Inc Kansas City

Well, here’s one reason….

Kansas City employees of Strategic Campaigns Inc enjoy a fun and dynamic team environment while getting individual attention from senior management. Staff members of the company frequently engage in team-building activities and enjoy challenging intramural activities on the weekends. In short, they like to ‘work hard’ and ‘play hard.’

Besides the training…besides the work environment…above all else, Strategic Campaigns Inc Kansas City offers an opportunity unparalleled by other so-called marketing firms. The company has promoted more managers than any other marketing company in the area and is quickly becoming the leading authority in the industry of outsourced sales and marketing.

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About Strategic Campaigns Inc

Established in 2004 Strategic Campaigns is an outsourced marketing and sales firm that represents multiple fortune 500 clients in various industries. We currently have fourteen offices nationwide with goals to expand into eight more markets by the end of the first quarter next year.
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