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strategic campaigns inc kansas cityStrategic Campaigns Inc, headquartered in Kansas City, MO, represents some of the largest brands and companies in America. The staff of Strategic Campaigns Inc reviews existing sales channels of large corporations and hunts for innovative ideas for new business development.

Although national companies have many options when it comes to outsourcing processes through partnering with reliable organizations, they prefer to work with this marketing firm….but why?!

This post serves to inform you about the core functions of the company and act as a resource guide for potential employees and those on the job-hunt.

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Why do companies love to work with Strategic Campaigns Inc Kansas City?

Fortune 500 companies outsource their marketing and sales campaigns to this firm for 4 simple reasons.

  1. Caliber of personnel
  2. Quantity of new business
  3. Consistency in quality
  4. Lightning-fast response time

A Strategic Campaigns employee reviews the benefits for the client: “While companies have a ton of options, they choose to work with US. We do our job better than the other companies can because we have a tremendous opportunity in front of us. I’m just like any other employee here, I love the thought of advancement into a managing partnership position. I can’t wait to take the reins on our next client’s campaign!”

While most contracted or outsourced companies are looking to make money on short-term contracts, Strategic Campaigns Inc views each contract as a long-term partnership…not just a job. Employees of the company focus on not only quantity of sales, but also consistency in long-term brand loyalty of those very customers.

Every company out there has two goals.

  1. Find and acquire new customers.
  2. Retain those customers long-term.

This applies to ANY BUSINESS across the globe.

What is the “Opportunity” at Strategic Campaigns Inc in Kansas City?

As entry level account managers, employees learn valuable skills in professional sales, customer retention, market research, and territory management. Furthermore, each and every one of these employees are thoroughly trained in the psychology of consumer behavior.

A manager at Strategic Campaigns Inc reviews the importance of this training: “We truly believe that by training our people to be future forerunners of our company, we will continue to offer the highest quality service to our existing clients. Beyond that, these employees gain valuable skills required to manage large teams and new campaigns. We currently have many management spots available and clients waiting for representation. However, we don’t have the resources to take on these new campaigns, yet.”

After the entry level account manager position, an employee gets trained in small team management, recruiting, advanced sales techniques, customer retention applications, database management, CRM tools, and strategic management. Once that person has demonstrated credibility in these areas, management at Strategic Campaigns Inc Kansas City promotes them into an assistant management position…which can be best described as a junior managing partner.

As an assistant manager at Strategic Campaigns Inc Kansas City, they are trained on the back-end of operations. These operations include, but are not limited to: campaign management, conducting employee performance reviews, coaching subordinates, and further professional development in all areas assigned.

This training conducted from the ground-up yields high performing marketing professionals that can take on any campaign…as all of the internal processes and systems are “plug-and-play.” They are applicable to any company, with only minor tweaks and adjustments.

Why People Work for Strategic Campaigns Inc Kansas City

Well, here’s one reason….

Kansas City employees of Strategic Campaigns Inc enjoy a fun and dynamic team environment while getting individual attention from senior management. Staff members of the company frequently engage in team-building activities and enjoy challenging intramural activities on the weekends. In short, they like to ‘work hard’ and ‘play hard.’

Besides the training…besides the work environment…above all else, Strategic Campaigns Inc Kansas City offers an opportunity unparalleled by other so-called marketing firms. The company has promoted more managers than any other marketing company in the area and is quickly becoming the leading authority in the industry of outsourced sales and marketing.

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Strategic Campaigns, Inc. Kansas City attends Eastern Regional Conference in Orlando, FL

Strategic Campaigns, Inc. took top members of the Kansas City office to Orlando for an Eastern Regional Conference.

Congratulations to Josh Prock, Jade Mar, Mike Morris, Seth Cable, and Zack Waldron for being selected to attend the conference. The weekend allowed key member of the Strategic Campaigns, Inc. Kansas City team to network and brainstorm with other key personnel from around the country. The highlight of the morning was Key Note speaker Eric Greitens. Being recognized by Fortune Magazine as one of the “World’s 50 Greatest Leaders” a former Rhodes Scholar and Navy Seal, Mr. Greitens shared with the group his philosophies on leadership and purpose. The team then attended industry specific workshops throughout the day. The evening consisted of a cocktail reception, dinner, and an awards ceremony recognizing top performers from around the country.

Company President, Pedro Segura lead the Organizational lunch as well as addressing the newest staff members.

The Organizational lunch was an opportunity for members of the team to break into smaller groups to receive more coaching and advice. Various Managers from around the country addressed attendees to share their secrets to success. While addressing the the group that have been in the business for less than 3 months, Mr. Segura was able to share what lied ahead for the company and how they can take advantage of their opportunity should they choose to do so.

All in all the event was a resounding success. It was great getting to hear from many successful people within 24 hours. It was also a great time reconnecting with peers from around the country.


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Strategic Campaigns, Inc. attends leadership conference

Strategic Campaignsstrategic campaigns inc kansas city, Kansas City took members of it’s team to Dallas, TX to attend a leadership conference. The attendees ranged from entry level to assistant managers.  The team was able to hear from a variety of experts in the sales and marketing field.

Strategic Campaigns reviews the 2014 Dallas leadership conference:

The main focus of the meeting was about the pillars to success, which are as follows.

1. Work Ethic – You can’t do everything at once, but you can do something at once. The more opportunities you give yourself to get a result, the higher the likely hood of obtaining the result you are looking for.

2. Communication Skills – You don’t have to be great orator like Abraham Lincoln to do well.  You do have to be able to effectively convey your message, service or product.

3. Always Have Fun – The more you enjoy yourself and what you are doing the more people want to be around you.  The true definition of charisma is how you make other people feel when they are around you.

Operation Smile Raffle: There was a raffle to raise money for Operation Smile. (Operation Smile is a non-profit organization that repairs cleft pallet and other facial deformities in children that live in underdeveloped countries. While giving away an IPad to the raffle winner we raised over $1600.

There were also breakout groups for employees based on experience level. After the conference members of the team enjoyed a night at The Glass Cactus.  Live 80’s, played live 80’s cover songs all night. Fun, Food, and Dancing were enjoyed.

strategic campaigns inc reviews

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Strategic Campaigns Inc Kansas City Reviews 2013

Strategic Campaigns Employees

It was a good morning!

Strategic Campaigns Inc. had another good year!

2013 saw more growth than ever. Fueled by an overwhelming demand from clients for new customers Strategic Campaigns increased it’s reach to more markets across the United States.

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Strategic Campaigns, Inc. Reviews Entry Level Jobs In Kansas City

Strategic Campaigns reviews entry level positions.

The job market today is more competitive than ever. With more and more college grads entering the work force every year and the economy limiting the amount of jobs available it can be tough. If you are like most people at this stage of your career, it can be exciting and nerve racking.  A lot of people have their degree, but no experience, while others have experience, but no degree.  What a conundrum.

According to “When you look at the specific numbers for Millennials, things look even bleaker. As of April, the jobless rate for workers under age 25 was an alarming 16.2 percent. A study by the think tank Demos found that 18- to 34-year-olds make up 45 percent of those who can’t find work. That’s a lot of stifled human potential.”

Ultimately there is no need to worry everyone has to start somewhere. As a matter of fact most of today’s most successful business leaders and CEOs all started entry level (many in sales).

According to Forbes Sales Representative is ranked #2 for best entry level roles, with an average starting income just shy of $50,000. They cite flexibility, environment, and the people that work in these roles as major factors.

Strategic Campaigns, Inc. starts the majority of our entry level staff in these types of positions. By having entry level employees spend at least a few months doing sales the amount of experience they are able to gain in a short amount of time is indispensable.

The beginning stages of someones career is very important. Probably the most important part is just get started. Get out there. Gain experience. Figure out your strengths and weaknesses. Enjoy the ride and have fun. Most importantly get started!

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Strategic Campaigns, Kansas City reviews the “Rhino Theory”

Strategic Campaigns Kansas City reviews

Strategic Campaigns, Kansas City takes a look at the art of being the Rhino!

One of the best pieces of advice I ever received was to be the Rhino.  What does that mean you may ask?

1. At Strategic Campaigns we believe that in order to succeed in any business one must attack their goals and objectives in an almost single minded CHARGE. The Rhinoceros willingly charges forward in the single minded pursuit of it’s goal.  One of the Rhino’s most notable features are his horns.  He uses these weapons to obliterate anything in it’s way.  Following suit the motivated business professional must attack their goal and be willing to CHARGE through any obstacle in their way, no matter how big or small.

2. The rhinoceros also has incredibly tough skin.  The rhino is one of the few animals in the world to carry that much natural armor.  Any entrepreneur will tell you that in order to achieve great things one must deviate from the pack once in a while.  In doing so, unfortunately there will be nay-sayers along the way.  Unfortunately winning comes at a price. Hard work, determination, and patience.  The philosophy at Strategic Campaigns, Kansas City is to be tougher than the obstacles.  They are only there so we can prove to ourselves how badly we really want something anyway.

3. The Rhino Vs. The Cow.

The cow is a caged animal. It lives a docile existence, just grazing on grass watching the world pass it by.  The cow is there get fat and happy, at least until the rancher makes the decision that it is time to go to the market or slaughter house.  Unfortunately this is how most people live their lives. Toiling away for others, allowing the powers that be to make decisions for them.  The rhino is the opposite.  He is free. Free to roam, fail, also succeed with no limits.  In order to reach ones full potential they must be willing to roam free.

4. The Rhino has a long tail to swat the flies.

Of course there will be pesky unwanted flies. This is a fact of life. Not everyone will see the world as we do, not everyone will understand why we are so determined.  The rhino’s tail exists to swat the pests and unwanted nuisances.

5. The Rhino is incredibly courageous. The rhino will stand it’s ground in the face of danger, as a matter of fact he prefers charging straight ahead in the face of adversity.  Strategic Campaigns, understands that it takes a specific amount of courage to do well in business.  John Wayne said “Courage is being scared to death, but you saddle up anyway.” The world of business can be a very strange and scary adventure at times, but the courageous endeavor onward.

6. The Rhino is very aware of it’s surroundings.  Mark Twain said “Most people miss their opportunities because they are dressed in coveralls and look like work” As the rhino surveys the land he is constantly on the look out for opportunities. He know he needs food, shelter, and water to survive.  The rhino is also aware of potential threats and is able to formulate a plan to deal with them.  As business professional we must be acutely aware of opportunities and risks.  We must be prepared to control what we can.

Here are a few quotes from the book Rhinoceros Success, by Scott Alexander

“A rhinoceros charges with singleness of purpose. All energy is directed toward the attainment of one burning desire.”

“Success is there for anyone who will get off their butt and charge it down!”

“We become the product of three things: the people we associate with, the books we read, and the media we listen to.”

“Charge with rhinos, fly with eagles, run with cheetahs, and eat with lions. Don’t hang around with cows or sheep.”

“Don’t let your learning lead to knowledge. Let your learning lead to action.” – Jim Rohn

“Money is not the root of all evil—love of money is.”

“Money can buy happiness, but it makes a poor savior.”

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Strategic Campaigns Kansas City

Strategic Campaigns Kansas City

Strategic Campaigns, Kansas City has returned to it’s blog.  After neglecting our blog for long enough Strategic Campaigns, Kansas City has returned. The purpose of this blog is to inform our staff as well any anyone else about the current events in our company as well as our industry. Since we firmly believe in the development of our people this blog will serve as an additional resource.

About Us:

Strategic Campaigns is the leading outsourced sales and marketing firm located in Kansas City. Specializing in direct face to face business sales Strategic Campaigns been able to expand into 14 location around the country since our inception in Kansas City in 2004. The demand for our services are at an all time high. Strategic Campaigns, Kansas City currently represents multiple Fortune 500 clients and we are looking to continue adding to our portfolio. By allowing employees to advance and grow on their own merit Strategic Campaigns has been able to build a very strong core of leaders. Even still we are always on the lookout for the next up and comers.

Upcoming Events:
Saturday October 5th: Strategic Campaigns will be having a charity scavenger hunt to raise money for Operation Smile

Saturday October 12th: Strategic Campaigns will be participating in the annual Crawl For Cancer at Westport, in the heart of Kansas City, MO.

Sunday October 13th: Strategic Campaigns will be hosting some of it’s managing partners from around the country at Arrowhead, when our beloved Kansas City Chiefs take on the Oakland Raiders.

Saturday and Sunday October 26th and 27th: Members of Strategic Campaigns will be attending a leadership conference in Chicago, IL.

Keep an eye on this blog for more to come. Strategic Campaigns, Kansas City is looking forward to closing out 2013 in style.

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